Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stepping into a Delphi package while debugging in C++ Builder

Well, you really should debug a Delphi package in Delphi. But once every so often, you'll find yourself using the Delphi package (controls / components) in C++ Builder and in need of tracing into the package while you're debugging your main application. By default, even if you compile the Delphi package in Debug mode, you won't be able to step into the Delphi source codes. These are the settings which will enable that (this guide is for CB2007 but it shouldn't be too different for other versions of C++ Builder):

Go to the project options of the Delphi package.

Select the Compiler view on the left pane.

Set the build config to Debug mode.

Code generation:
  • Optimization = off
  • Stack frames = on
  • Debug information = on
  • Local symbols = on
  • Assertions = on
  • Use debug DCUs = on
Now select the Linker view on the left pane.

Map file:
  • Off
EXE and DLL options:
  • Include TD32 debug info = on
  • Include remote debug symbols = on
Linker output:
  • Generate all C++Builder files (you should already have this selected)

You're done with the settings.

Rebuild your package and your main app and you should now be able to step into the Delphi source.

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