Friday, October 24, 2008

C++ Builder 2009 Compiler Bug Fixes... Finally!

Came across this today and found that CodeGear has finally fixed all the compiler bugs I've filed in 2005 (3 years ago). Heck, if you do a search for "Zach Saw", you'll find that one of the entries has a path to my "My Documents" ;)

Anyway, kudos to Embarcadero to let the team work on these C++ compiler bugs which turned most of us away to the clutches of Microsoft Visual Studio / C# back then. These compiler bugs were by no means trivial - they were so nasty that they simply rendered any effort to create a stable 24/7 server impossible.

With all these bugs fixed, C++ Builder would now be the definitive tool to create a proper server (especially versus C#) - low memory usage, blistering fast and it shares most of its the design patterns with .NET (in fact, one would argue that C# is heavily inspired by Delphi / C++ Builder). I spent just 3 days writing a framework which is intimately similar to .NET's asynchronous IO design and its Control.BeginInvoke / Control.Invoke design. In case of the latter, I found that with C++, you get more type checking than you would with C# in passing parameters to the callback. In fact, even the return type for EndInvoke could be type checked with RTTI (during run-time unfortunately, but in any case, is automatic unlike .NET).

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